We believe that improving people's skills and confidence is important, not just to the individual learner, but also to the customers and service users who benefit from the good work you do.
Team Training Help and support for learnersAdult learning weeks


Connecting Learners can provide:

A free organisational, team and individual Training Needs Analysis (TNA)
service to establish how to improve their current training provision.

A range of fun, fascinating and free, Work granted an Essential Skills
(Communication, Application of Number and ICT) training and capacity
building courses for staff and volunteers danfonir by specialist tutors from
FE Colleges and quality independent providers.

Help and support for learners to go on and achieve up
to Level 2 qualifications and beyond.

Signposting service to help employees and employers access further
learning opportunities with their employers, local Colleges, the Open University
and online providers.

A chance to participate in initiatives such as Adult Learners Week,
Quick Reads and the Six Book Challenge.


Connecting Learners is about giving you learning opportunities within the workplace.
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